Thursday, November 17, 2011

Anything with wheels...

If it has wheels, there's certainty that Knox will love it.  He adores trains (choo choos), trucks (tucks), cars (same, just with a Boston accent), buses (same), and tractors (tactors).  He's obsessed is probably more accurate.  Every night I clean up all of his toys and put them in their bins...and every morning he gets all of them back out.  The cars usually get lined up on the fireplace and he has races and crashes them (boom).

Most of the pictures are blurry, he just won't sit still for a picture.  But you get the idea of what it's like living with a boy!

He also has a ride-on ATV from his Gigi and Papi that he likes to ride around on (and run into things with).  

He even has cute PJ's that have cars, trucks and firetrucks on them.  It's getting a bit ridiculous, but it makes him so happy.  Maybe for Christmas we'll get him the motorized Lightning McQueen...his head would explode.

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  1. Your pictures are so adorable and make me smile because my 19 month old son is EXACTLY the same. He spends a LOT of time either lining his cars/trucks up on the fire place or laying on the floor making them "vroom vroom." Having boys is the best and Knox is a cutie!