Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Choo Choo!!

There are few things Knox loves more than planes, trains and automobiles.  While we were in Ft. Worth for our anniversary weekend, Aunt Kelly took Knox to see the trains exhibit at NorthPark mall.  She sent us pictures while they were there, and we were super jealous.  So, once Mimi and Papa (who also has a penchant for trains) got in town we headed over.  

On our walk to the exhibit, we had to stop and see the turtles and ducks.  He was pretty enamored, he just didn't know what was coming next.

I love this picture...everything is blurry except for his face.

Once we got to the trains, he was in heaven.  The detail in the exhibit is absolutely amazing.  There were moving parts, stationary decorations, sections highlighting all the major cities, and even interactive buttons that the kids could push to make people move or things light up! 
The entry wall

Ode to the TX State Fair

The Dotsons

Our fam

Golden Gate Bridge

Anticipating the train coming out of the tunnel


 It is fun for all ages, so head on over.   I'm pretty sure Stephen and I enjoyed it just as much as Knox!

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