Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bringing it back...

Someone has 8 teeth coming in...so it would be a fair assumption that things are a little stressful over here, and momma is allowing TV and movies a little more than usual.  

Knox was quiet yesterday morning and I came in to see what was going on...he'd pulled the bumbo out of his closet and was working on sitting in it, with the tray mind you.  The past 48 hours he's gotten in and out of it no less than 46,209 times.

Whatever works, right?  Hopefully these bad boys come in quick so I can have my sweet and playful baby back.

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  1. Oh that's awful! If you have any of those mesh bags to put frozen fruit in, they are a-mazing for teething. I will freeze pureed banana (because the real thing is impossible to clean out of the mesh bag) into ice cube trays. It made a huge difference with C's fang teeth. Hope those little buggers break through and you get your sweet boy back soon!