Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We traveled down to Austin for Thanksgiving to spend it with my family.  Things have changed a little bit in the past 4 years...there are now 10 adults, 6 kids (all under 4) and 9 dogs.  Whew.  I get tired typing it.  Oh, and there's a 7th child on the way (not me...Jeremy and Lindsay).  Sure is busy and chaotic, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  

We ate Thanksgiving at my moms after the kids naps, and before we headed in we snapped a family pic.  Not the best picture of me, and it's a little washed out, but check out those eyes.  I didn't retouch them.  That's straight out of the camera.  Wish I had blue eyes.

On to the din din...I snapped an aerial picture so you could get an idea of the chaos.  Thankfully the dogs were all "resting" in the dog room.

Mom did a great job decorating the tables.  I helped write the placecards...so cute!

The spread:

We ate, and ate...and ate.  I still feel full.  The kids were getting a bit cagey after dinner, so Papi did airplanes and "up high" with each of them.  Let's just say they slept well.  

Then we got the idea to do cousin bath time.

Knox = no likey.

Seriously, he threw his leg over and would have jumped ship if I hadn't caught him.  So strange, since bath time is his favorite part of the day.  Oh well...the rest of the kids enjoyed it.  

Once he was dried off and clean, he headed to see what Papi was up to.  He "helped" with the rest of the kitchen cleaning, and then we headed to bed.  If only he was that eager at home.

The next morning my mom had a photographer come out to take an entire Kampen/Dotson/Sorenson picture for her Christmas card.  Thankfully she was fully aware the kids wouldn't necessarily be on board, but I think we got some good shots anyway.

I'll save the pictures for the cards...but this outtake of the grandkids shot was too funny not to share!

I love that the older kids were completely unimpressed, the middles were NOT having it, and sweet Holt is unaware.  Goodness.

We ended the day playing outside and enjoying the weather.  The rest of the weekend was spent laying around, eating leftovers and cheering our Baylor Bears to victory.  I'm very thankful we were able to spend time with the ones we love!  I pray you were able to do the same.

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  1. I literally lol at the bath pictures, ha! Great pics, Knox's eyes oh my goodness!