Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Big Morning

Last night, while I was drawing Knox a bath, I noticed that he removed his diaper all by himself.  I know most kids his age have probably already tried this trick, it's just never been on his radar.  I remember thinking, "this could begin an ugly trend," but quickly got busy with the nighttime routine and completely forgot. 

This morning, Knox was playing in the living room and I was on my computer.  He ran in the office, yelling "Mommy, I took my diaper off.  I took my pants off, too!"  I turned around to find him in solely in his pajama top, really proud of himself.  He then started saying "I wanna go potty."  

My first thought was to put the diaper back on.  Let's be real for a second...I'm not looking forward to potty training.  I like not having to stop every 30 minutes to enter disgusting bathrooms.  But I knew I needed to let him try.

He ran into the bathroom, pilfering through drawers until I was able to get my phone (I needed documentation)...

He sat down, and then cheered.  No, Knox...not how it works.  We had to sit for quite a while, while I ran the water.  He still wanted no part, until I mentioned we could wash our hands and get a treat.  Then he started really trying...

And then BAM!  Number 1 and 2, just like that.  I was stunned, then sicked out that I had to clean it up.

I love Lysol.

Thinking this was just a fluke, but we'll go with the flow (pun intended) if he wants to potty train.


  1. You should get a toddler seat for the toilet so it goes straight in the potty!

  2. Yay Knox!! That is awesome! Sounds like you handled it perfectly! :)

  3. Hayley's right - it disgusted me too so we used the seat on top of the potty after the first try. G was potty trained in a few days and we didn't have to learn twice. Go Knox!

  4. I'm on it girls...I have a stool/step that I need to finish painting, and then we're good! I want him to learn to pee standing up, and poop on the big boy potty--just thought I had more time!

  5. Way to go Knox! I am all for using the real potty...not up for cleaning that stuff!! :-)