Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Skinny Dipping

We headed to Austin to celebrate Labor Day, and we had such a fun time.  It's nice to just schedule, no plans, just enjoy the company of the ones you love.  We rarely left the house, and I loved it that way.

On Saturday, we did venture out to South Congress to grab some Mexican food.  We had to stop and get a pic by the graffiti at Jo's.  It's true...I love you so much.

The rest of the weekend we lounged and hung out by the pool.  We played games, had competitions, had a few yummy beverages and laughed until our stomachs hurt.  I love my family.

This little one, though, figured he would just get in the pool with his clothes on.  Then one-by-one, his clothes came off until he was a naked bird.

A dang cute naked bird.


I just want to eat him.  I had to restrain myself from posting all of his sweet hiney shots...I don't trust all the crazies out there on the interweb!

Lastly...I thought I'd post this little video of one of our competitions: the 8 second ride.  Unfortunately, most of us couldn't even get on the bull :)

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