Thursday, September 20, 2012

Celebrating 93!

I've been so blessed with amazing grandparents in my life.  Though we don't see each other as frequently as I would like, they have all formed the person I am today.  

My grandmother Arjorie turned 93 this past week.  My mom was in town, so we all drove down to have a little birthday lunch with her.  I love that she is able to interact with Knox and see him grow, and I love getting to hug her neck, too!

She splurged with some non-sugar-free peach 93 I think she's earned that honor!

He was flirting with her, getting close but not kissing her cheek.

Finally, he laid one on her.  Sweet.

Knox loves birthdays, but mostly candles and cake.  He was able to sneak some of the ice cream off of Arjorie's cobbler, but was interested in blowing out the candles all afternoon.  After his nap, I was getting him a drink and I heard him singing "Happy Birthday." When I looked over, he was "blowing" out the candles.

I decided to grab a candle and let him blow it out.

He was so excited...but he'd get too close and it would be hot!

He loved it so much, we had to light it again and again.

Sweet boy!

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