Friday, September 28, 2012

{HomeSchool}: Weekly Wrap-Up--Review Style

This week we focused on reviewing all of the information we previously learned.  I touched on a little bit of that last week, but we didn't do enough.  Instead, reviewed a little bit the first day and moved on with the new 4-week study.  However, I learned quickly he really needed a good week of review.

For instance, after two weeks of not talking about day/night and the differences, he got confused.  In addition, recognizing letters was a bit tougher when we weren't using them in context anymore.  Instead of forging ahead and adding 5 more letters into the mix, I decided to just use the week as a review week.  

It's good we did, too, because Knox was out of commission with a high fever Wednesday and Thursday.  Poor bug was not himself, and we didn't do a lick of work.  Really, our brains melted with all of the TV, but I have to say he's much better and "back!"

To review without feeling like it he was testing in school, we hit the streets.  We went on a walk and pointed out all of the things he'd learned--colors, trees, flowers, counting items, animals and even sky, clouds and the sun.  

We played on the couch with a blanket and made a tent, and the holes in the blanket made "stars" with the lights on.  It was a great teachable moment, asking him when stars come out (in the dark) and the moon is present at night.

We used our binoculars, played with colored play-doh and had a great week.  Now...we're ready to tackle the next unit!

Hope you guys had a great week, too!  We're ready for the weekend, because like I said...He's back!!

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