Friday, September 7, 2012

Preschool and Homeschool Weekly Wrap-Up

Today was Knox's first day of Preschool.  All week we've been building it up.  After Meet the Teacher, he's been asking to go daily.  We keep asking him if he's excited, and he always says yes.  This morning, he was yelling for us to come get him.  When we went in, we told him today was his first day of school.  He immediately yelled "I'm excited!!"  It was pretty funny.

He then let me know that he wanted to wear an orange shirt with his orange shoes...bossy pants. No idea where he gets that.

We did the obligatory "First day" pics, and I think they turned out adorable.  But then again he's my kid, and I'm VERY biased.

His backpack is bigger than he is, but he loved wearing it around.
Though he looks upset in the picture below, he's really just over the photo-shoot.

We had to take one more with dad, though!

Once we got to school, he wanted his backpack on and to walk into school.  I was able to get this cute shot of my two favorite men!

Once inside, he was eager to get to Mrs. Trisha's room.  He ran right up to the door, helped her open it and ran straight to the cars.   In fact, Stephen and I had to remove him from the cars just to get a kiss goodbye.  

His cubby hole picture turned out so cute...

In heaven...

I would much rather him be this way than extremely upset by us leaving him.  Walking away with a joyful boy playing with toys made me feel much better, though I still had a "small" cry in the car while pulling out of the parking lot.  He's a big kid now...but I couldn't be happier for him to have this fun time at school with friends.

Now...onto the Weekly Wrap-Up.

The theme for this week was the same as last:  God made the world around you and me.  We focused this week on "God made the heavens and the earth," specifically on plants.  The color was blue, and we also worked on vertical lines.

Here is the finished work:

For the flowers, we used a water bottle dipped in paint.  The bottom has five different points, which make up the petals.  I had to help him "stamp" the paper, but I think it turned out so cute.

For the inside of the flower, we used the bottle cap.  He dipped it in brown paint and stamped them all by himself.

Once we were done, and it had dried, I put it on a vertical surface and let him practice writing vertical lines with a green marker (I did one first as an example).  Once completed, we had stems and flowers!

For the color blue, we made an elephant.  Since the shape of the month is circle, this was a great tool for teaching the shape and color in one.  We started by cutting a large circle, then a medium one (cut in half for the ears) and then accordion folded a strip of paper for the nose.  I had googly eyes on hand, and just used a marker for the details.  He talks to the elephant in the kitchen at least once a day :)

And last but not least, trees and grass.  Since we already made a "foraged tree," I decided to simply draw a tree and grass and let him color with markers.  We did so on a vertical surface (to help with fine motor skills), and used fall colors.  We're excited for some fall weather around here this weekend, so it seemed natural!!

And, that's the weekly homeschool wrap-up.  What ideas will you try with your littles??

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