Friday, September 21, 2012

{HomeSchool}: Weekly Wrap-Up

This week's theme was "God  made the Animals." 

We re-read the first few verses of the creation story and reviewed our colors, shapes and letter from the last 4 weeks.  This month we are moving on to the letters H-K, and working on squares and lines (in addition to circles from last month).  

To cover the animal part of the week, we decided to first make a fishbowl.  To be completely honest, he's obsessed with fish tanks.  We might just have to get him a beta (if I can get Dad on board).  I let him paint the bowl blue, then cut off the top and sharpie'd it black.  Yes, I just made Sharpie a verb.

If you have little ones that like to paint...GET THESE!  My friend Amanda recommended them, and I couldn't love them anymore.  The larger handle makes it so much easier for him to maneuver the brush...get them!

I printed off some pictures of Nemo, Dori and Marlin, and some coral for him to glue on and we were set!  

Later in the week, we practiced our colors and shapes by making a bird.

Circles, triangles, rectangles and a big square (and ovals/elipses if you're counting)

I glued the body, beak and legs to the green square and he did the rest.  I was really surprised how well he did with the stick on googly eyes.

Easy peasy week...but we weren't done.

I wanted to go on a hunt for green items in the house, since that's the color of the week.  There was a DIY binocular sheet in the curriculum binder, so I knew we had to do it.  

I made the ribbon green (obviously), and he has been obsessed with them ever since.

We found things in the house, grocery store, and even a firetruck.  We know it's not green...but it made his day!!

Who knew recycled toilet paper rolls could be so fun?


  1. LOVE the binoculars! It's truly adorable how even what we consider to be the simplest of things make their day!