Friday, November 2, 2012

{HomeSchool}: Weekly Wrap-Up

Those that read my blog may have noticed that I didn't do a Weekly Wrap-Up last week.  If I'd had time, I would have...I was just so busy that I couldn't think straight.  You didn't miss much, as it was a review week, but we did work on animals, big/small and his letters.

This month's theme is "Thank you God, for making ME!"  We focused this week on people in general...there are different shapes, colors and sizes of people, too!  I've sung "Jesus loves the little children" to Knox since he was a baby in a rotation of about 5 songs, so he's familiar.  

We colored the "God Made People" sign, with the intention of having red and yellow, black and white like the song.

But this two-year-old didn't want a white one.  He opted for green.

Suit yourself.  I outlined each person before he colored, so he had a guide to stay "within boundaries."

I thought it turned out cute.  Without prompting, he started naming who was who.  He started with Daddy, pointing to the green one.  Then Knox and Mommy.  I asked about the third, and he said "Gracie!"

I had to add ears and a tail to avoid confusion.

The shape for this week was triangle.  He loves pointing out different shapes in everyday life, so he's always excited when we can color a shape.  The curriculum I use had a great triangle activity using kites.  I let him color with the markers, choosing whatever colors he wanted.  

He started with neon pink...

and finished with a lot of green!

Overall, this weeks crafts were a lot of fun, and he enjoyed talking about people all week.  Now, whenever we go anywhere, I hear "What's that man doing? / Look Mom, a girl! / Mommy, that grandma is funny."

Pretty cute!

For his fine motor skills, we used a tip from his preschool teacher and used tweezers to move objects.  She told me that in class, he loves to pick up objects using the tweezers and sort them, which is great for his fine motor skills.  Funny thing is, my friend Jessica is always harrassing me about not owning chip clips, so she brought me some to the park the other afternoon.  Knox grabbed the orange one (his favorite color), and starting picking up mulch. handing each individual piece to me.  We laughed and moved on.  Now I hear that is his favorite activity at school...maybe we'll have a doctor on our hands :)

I haven't bought tweezers yet, so we used the chip clips again!!

He loved having Daddy play along!

Finally, when I picked him up from school today, he was given the "Who do you see?" book for his class.  PERFECT for the "people" lesson we're on.  He was so excited to show me everyone in his class, and "read" the book to me!

He's already asked about 50 times if we can show daddy when he gets home...pretty fun!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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