Friday, November 16, 2012

{HomeSchool}: Weekly Wrap-Up

**If you are here from Facebook, please search for the past week's wrap-up posts.  For some reason, FB had my security settings at "only me," so you didn't receive an update!**

In continuing with the "God Made Me" theme, this week was focused on emotions.  We had fun with this one :)  We also reviewed colors, shapes (circle) and I added in a little Thanksgiving craft.  

My friend Andrea posted this craft on her FB page a few weeks ago, and I cataloged it in my mind for future reference.  Since Thanksgiving is around the corner, this was the perfect time to do it.

I drew the tree, and wrote "thankful" at the top.  Then, using a few different colors, Knox made the leaves.

After smearing it a few times, we worked on "tapping" the paint on.  Every time he sees the finished product in the living room, he says, "I made that.  I tapped really good."

I just love it...and it might stay in our living room for a lot longer than the Thanksgiving holiday!
Knox didn't want the painting time to end, so I let him have a little fun on a blank sheet of paper.  I'd say he did well!

One of Knox's favorite things to do in the car is to boss me around, telling me when to go, slow down or stop depending on the lights.  Of course, yellow means something completely different (GO FAST) in Daddy's car, but since I was leading the craft we went with slow down.

My little multi-tasker!

He was over the markers and wanted to paint, so we finished them off with some watercolors.

 Now, to actual curriculum.  The ABCJesusLovesMe website had a great idea for teaching emotions.  I printed out the circles, and had him paint them in the color he wanted.  I was really surprised when he wanted red for angry.  Total coincidence, or maybe he's REALLY advanced, ha!

While letting these dry, we worked on our letters some more.  He has a hard time with some of the letters (not saying them, moreso if I show him a letter, he doesn't always name it correctly).  

The bingo dabbers helped tremendously, and he loved the activity!

Then, it was nap time (can I get a Hallelujah?).  Before he woke up, I cut out the emotion circles, glued them on cardstock and then to a popsicle stick.  Once Daddy got home, we quizzed him.

He would look at the picture, we would tell him the emotion, and he had to mimic it.  

Y'all, hilarious!



Angry (he's growling)

Surprised! Daddy helping him out is adorable, though he probably disagrees.



Later, we would give him prompts to see if he could pick the correct emotion (the sticks were lying in front of him).  For instance, Lightening McQueen walks into the room.  How would you feel?  

He picked happy.  Then we asked him how he would feel if I stole his car.  He picked angry.  

We thought we were working with a real genius until he chose happy and angry for every other question, and asked if he could eat with angry for dinner.  Thinking he just got lucky :)

We had so much fun with this activity, and can't wait to use them for practice in the weeks to come!

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