Friday, November 9, 2012

{HomeSchool}: Weekly Wrap-Up

This week in the "God Made Me" theme was "my body."  Knox knows where everything is on your body, but we added adjectives.  We discussed "long legs," and "short hair."  We looked through some magazines and worked on describing what we saw.  I was really surprised at how well he did, and at how many adjectives he knows.

This back-fired.  We were in target two days later and he saw a smaller lady and declared, "Mommy, she has short legs."  Oops.

Our craft for the week was coloring and assembling the boy/girl puzzles.  I let him color how he saw fit, but I added the features to make sure they were discernible.

His fave was the glue.

Once they were all colored and ready to go, I cut them up.

Then, I would call out a body part, ask him to add glue and he assembled.

He's sagging and I have a broken leg, but otherwise I thought he did an awesome job.  I asked him to name them, and he chose Knox and Mommy.  Love my little monster.

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