Sunday, November 28, 2010

7 month chair pics

I'm fully aware at how biased I am...but isn't he the CUTEST??

Knox is turning into the sweetest and most curious little boy.  People comment all the time on how happy and quiet he is.  I wish these people could see him at 7:45pm :)  We just love our little guy, and are so thankful he's healthy and happy!

At 7 months, he LOVES:
Food, everything except green beans and prunes.
Holding his bottle and feeding himself.
Standing up.  If you're holding him and try to put him down, he locks his legs so he's standing. 
Mickey Mouse in the morning.  But only in the morning.  If I need a spare second in the afternoon and put it on, forget it.
Being outside.  He's obsessed.
Squirming to reach a toy or mom's hair.  Or the dogs.  They love that.
Getting in the crawl position, rocking and then face planting.  Then doing it all over again until he reaches his desired location (usually my feet, his toy basket or the dog's babies).
Meeting new people, especially people who make funny faces at him.
Running errands.  He likes to be out of the house, and is always looking around everywhere we go, taking it all in.
Tearing up paper.  At his 6-month check up, he annihilated the paper on the doctor's table.  He hasn't stopped, and often squirms his way over to the stack of magazines on the side table and starts tearing pages out. 
Hearing the sounds of objects.  He loves to play with things that have different sounds, i.e. bags of chips, paper, squeaky toys, empty bottled waters, etc.
The dogs tails.  Gracie HATES this.

He doesn't so much love:
Changing clothes.
Missing out on the action.  He WILL NOT NAP if there are people over.
Sitting still.
Sitting in his carseat if we're eating.  He wants to be involved.
His sippy cup with juice.  He'd rather chew on it and be done.

The dreaded green beans and prunes.
Being alone.
Me feeling around in his mouth for teeth.  Still none.
When bath time is over.
Putting pajamas on.