Friday, November 19, 2010

What's happening...

Things are moving so quickly I forget to post.  I apologize.  Some random thoughts and Knox happenings...

*He loves standing up.  He'll hold onto our ottoman and bounce his legs...with support, of course.

*He still hates green beans.

*Stephen and I are celebrating our 4th anniversary tonight with a steak dinner and quiet conversation.

*He is crawling, just VERY slowly.  He gets on all fours, moves his legs up to his arms and belly flops.  He then repeats the process until he's at his destination. 

*I'm thankful for his VERY slow crawling.  For now at least.

*He loves to squeal.

*Is it too early to put him in his Radio Flyer wagon?  It just screams "cute Fall walk" to me.  Gracie and Bella would love it, too!

*I love our neighborhood.  I had the most relaxing run yesterday along the creek, with all of the leaves falling and the sun reflecting off the water.  That was a dorky sentence.

*I love friends with babies close-by.  Lorie and I walked Beck and Knox to the store yesterday.  It was comical watching me walking back home with the stroller dragging the ground...but it was fun!

*We have so much to be thankful for!

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