Monday, November 1, 2010

What do Dora, Boots, Baby Bop, a Black Widow and Jack Sparrow have in common???

They're all cousins...well in our family at least.  Before the trick-or-treating commenced in our neighborhood we headed to Jeremy and Lindsay's for some cousin pictures.  They are so cute.  Enjoy!

Baby Bop (Olivia), Jack Sparrow (Knox) and the Black Widow (Avery)

Boots (Conner) and Jack Sparrow

Boots really wanted Jack Sparrow to have some of the sucker!

Boots, Jack Sparrow, Baby Bop and the Black Widow

Dora (Mackenzie) and RGIII (Jeremy) made an appearance in this one

Where the trick-or-treaters entered...our side porch

View from our porch

Beck stopped by, and Knox was so happy to chew on his slippers!

Beck and Knox

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