Tuesday, November 2, 2010

6 month chair pics

Love that smile!

Our little Tommy Bahama!

Love his grin, and his faux-hawk shadow :)


Loves standing...
Our little man is growing up so fast. Seriously...6 months?  That's crazy!  He's such a sweet boy, and is a great baby.  He doesn't cry unless he's hungry or tired, and thankfully he's a good eater and sleeper!

His stats:
15.8 lbs (25%)
26 3/4" (50%)

Things he loves:
The dogs.  First thing he does when he wakes up is look to the floor to see if the dogs are there.
Snaking on his tummy/Rolling to get something
Baths...seriously, has started whining when we take him out because he wants to keep splashing
All vegetables, with the exception of green beans.  I'm going to sneak them back in though, don't you worry!  His favorite veggie is butternut squash. 
All fruit
Anytime mom and dad sing
Jumping in his jumper
Driving his "car"
Sophie and his stuffed giraffe
Rolling while changing his diaper.  It's like wrestling an alligator. 

Things he hates:
Green Beans
Changing clothes
The bulb sucker
Sitting in his high chair without eating.  And by eating I mean if there's a 2 second delay in the next bite he starts squirming.
Being alone

We just love him to pieces.  Can't imagine life without him.  We're so blessed!

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