Friday, November 12, 2010

High maintenance

Knox has turned over a new leaf.  One we're not exactly fond of.  He found his voice...and sass.  The noises this child makes are nothing short of prehistoric.  Pterodactyl-esque.  Did any of you know that is how you spelled that word?  Me neither, I looked it up.  

He states his likes and dislikes with shrieking fervor.  Deafening.  We found out the hard way tonight that he'd HAD ENOUGH of prunes.  We got it now.  Noted.  He also is very vocal when he is tired of snaking (quasi-crawling) to find a toy.  One that I've purposefully put out of reach.  He's becoming a doozy.  I can hear my mom saying "What goes around comes around" all the way from Austin...

The moments he's a complete angel FAR outweigh his dinosaur chatter.  The majority of the time he's a sweet, loving and adorable little munchkin...and I've caught a few of those on camera.

First...he's OBSESSED with jumping.  Whether it's in this Baby Einstein exersaucer or in the Johnny Jumper (the old school door-frame one) he's in heaven!

FYI:  The video was taken a few months ago...we've since moved the elephant toy up a bit :)

This next video is from mealtime.  Knox LOVES solids.  He's never (before the prune incident) turned away food...and he has a problem if I'm not feeding him fast enough!!

We just LOVE our little out-spoken, soft-hearted, cuddly monster...and his appetite!  This is a fun stage :)


  1. Im dying laughing from these videos! You are so right, it's like our kiddos are the same person. Emily's dinosaur squeals are so high pitched. We have to get them together soon!

  2. Gosh I cant even believe how cute he is!!!
    I literally couldnt stop laughing and I think I even sounded like Knox at one point. What a stud (;