Monday, February 7, 2011

Guest Room Re-Do

When Stephen and I moved into this house, we had three extra bedrooms that needed to be furnished.  We each had bedroom furniture from old apartments that had been in storage, so we threw those in the rooms and haven't really touched them since.  While one is used rarely, the other one is our  main guest room when people come to visit, including the grandparents.

For Christmas, the Dotsons gave us a queen-sized mattress set and the fixins for the room, thus starting the makeover process.  The previous owners used this room for their kids playroom, and the carpet and walls told the story.  Before the new mattress set was delivered, we installed new carpet and painted the walls (Mossy Green, Glidden)...and trim.  The trim in the entire house is a cream color, and we are on a mission to get them all white'ish.  In case your interested in "white'ish," we love Swiss Coffee from Glidden.  Anyway, back on track.  We painted the trim and walls, and by the time my seamstress arrived (Glenda), the room was on it's way to completion.  Glenda is great at designing, and sewing, so it's nice to have her and her budget-savvy ways on our team! 

We needed a new headboard since the new bed was wider, so the guys headed off to Home Depot to get the wood backing, and G added the foam and fabric, stapling it to the back.  We then gained some FREE gray linen that matched perfectly from Aunt Jeanette, and G made two pillows and the drapes from that fabric.  All that was left were some finished touches, found at Ikea, Home Goods, Garden Ridge and Kirklands and you've got yourself a Guest Room Re-Do!

Here are some BEFORE shots:


Tables: Ikea
Lamps: Home Goods
Front Accent Pillow: Kirklands

Frames: Garden Ridge
Pictures: I took these in Barcelona when visiting Casa Mila/La Pedrera, Gaudi's Museum/apartment.  He's my favorite architect/designer, just a little fun fact.

Mirror: Garden Ridge
Table: Kirklands

We love the new come see us!


  1. Nice Job Katie!! Looks great!


  2. So pretty!
    Glenda is so good at what she does, even though
    I find her overwhelming talent for SO many
    things annoying....J/K!!!
    LOVE her!