Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Before the weather turned "wintry."

Friday-Sunday was some of the best weather we've had in years.  It was amazing.  Today, wintry mix.  That's what the news crews have been calling it.  I think it sounds funny...but it's pretty accurate.  Back to the amazing weather...we thought it would be fun to take Knox out on Sunday in the adorable Radio Flyer that our friends the Meijer's got us.  Thank you so much Gloria and Marcel!  He. Loved. It! 

Ready to go

Love that sweet, gummy smile!
He spent a lot of time grabbing the dogs...poor Bella!

My men at the waterfall at the end of our street.
I love our neighborhood.  So pretty!

Knox and Stephen found a friend...I think he's exaggerating
when telling him how big the fish are in the creek :)

All three of the kiddos at the park
Gracie's turn

So excited

This is my favorite...his hair blowing in the wind while he
clapped at the trucks going by!

Three generations

We're lucky to have such a family-friendly, nature-filled neighborhood.  Knox loved visiting the creek...I'm sure we'll spend a lot of time there this summer!  Come on by, there's another seat in the wagon.  Even a cupholder :)

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