Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lock up yo kids. Lock up yo pets.

We got a call on Sunday morning before church from our neighbor.  Her son, Ryan (5), ran inside saying there was a stray dog with no tags.  Ummm...not exactly a dog.  Good thing he didn't get too close. 

I looked out my window, and across the street sat this beauty.  Seriously, amazing animal.  That doesn't mean I watched my dogs intently when they were outside.  Goodness.

Um, ok. I'm scared.  Doesn't his face look so mean?

(Click on picture to see it larger)
The  man on the right edge of the picture was walking on the coyote's side of the street.  Once he saw him, he switched sides.  The coyote never moved, so at the alley he crossed back over.  Uh uh, coyote wasn't having it.  He got up and started trotting towards the man.  Right when I snapped this pic, a car approached the street from the alley and stopped the coyote.  The man, however, wasn't chancing anything and kept an eye over his shoulder.  Creepy.


  1. Crazy!!! Where in the world did he come from because it's not like you live out in the sticks or really out far in the 'burbs?!?!

  2. The creek. Worse, the next day there were TWO...same size. We think maybe they are mating?!?

  3. ok NO WAY. . .seriously, he might have rabies . . . they should NOT be that "brash". . .

  4. OH. MY. GOSH. That makes me want to look over my shoulder sitting at my computer desk - YIKES! My mom and I saw one while driving to walmart not too long ago (on a MAIN, BUSY, Frisco street!!). So not cool!