Friday, February 18, 2011

Playground, I heart you!

Knox is finally at the age where he likes those playgrounds in the mall.  We don't frequent them, but it now gives Stephen something constructive to do when I'm shopping on the weekends :)

Knox is in awe of big kids playing.  He stared the majority of the time we were there, at the kids and at the things to climb on.  We took him around, and he would stand and walk around everything. 

So happy.

He stood here forever, watching all the big kids running by.

Slide?  You want me to slide?  Uh oh...

Weeeeeeeee.  He loved it!  So sad this picture is over-exposed. 
Maybe next time I'll get a better pic.

This kid was obsessed with Knox.  He was old enough to walk and run, but
he insisted on crawling towards Knox.  It was cute.

Then the kid got a big-head :)  Pretty soon Knox
won't want me any where near his "secret meetings."

Love that boy.  And he sure does have a BIG heart!

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