Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Angels

Knox and I thought we'd take advantage of this weather and play in the snow.

Down the street

Our neighbors have two boys that were playing as well.
He loved watching them, not so impressed with the snow.

No makeup.  Don't judge.  It was early...

With the neighbors weinie dog, Rascall

It was at this time I noticed they made snow angels.  I decided we needed one.  To CMA, I took him inside immediately after so he wasn't cold or wet.  Don't send CPS over here.

Getting started

He's trying to see if he likes it

eh, maybe

Finished product.  So cute!
And in case you noticed, NONE of his clothes match.  He had on 3 layers, all different colors and brands.  We live in Dallas, didn't really think to load up on snow clothes.

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