Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Head Banger

Growing up (until 6th grade) my sister and I shared a room.  When we were really little, I had the bed and my sister had the crib at the foot of the bed.  I can remember when we were put to bed, she would get on all fours and rock, banging her head into the end of the crib.  It would make a banging sound.  I wasn't one to question at the age of four, but I thought it was a little strange. 

A year or so later, she was in my bed, banging her head against the head board.  I got used to it, and in fact was soothed by the odd habit. 

Fast forward 25 years...my son has inherited this strange habit.  He soothes himself this way. Turn up your volume...


  1. That's funny! What are you eating? I hear you chomping away in the background:)

  2. my dad was a head banger! i wonder if i should look for this in C ...

    and you redid your blog! it looks adorable :)