Monday, June 27, 2011

14 months?!?

Good gracious.  Yes, he's 14 months today.  I feel like time has rushed by so quickly and I'm just doing my best to hang on and enjoy every moment.  I know I've said it a million times before, but I'm OBSESSED with this age.  Full of discovery, cuddles (on occasion), recongnition, curiosity, and love.

I thought I'd try and capture him at his best time...playing in his big boy jammers after breakfast.  Here's a few things he loves right now:

Sitting like a big boy. Actually, he rarely sits like this but he looks so big to me in this picture.

Smiling at the dogs.

His tan lines.  Ok, ok.  He doesn't even know they are there, but I do.  He has the BEST farmer's tan.  It's awesome.  You can see here, the folds of his chubby arms are white while the rest of his arms are tan.  I swear I'm OCD and apply sunscreen in ridiculous amounts, but we swim no less that 3-4 days a week outside.  It was bound to happen.

He tends to use his left hand for all fine motor skills (playing with small objects, picking up food, etc.).

This kid is obsessed with two things: balls and cars.  He loves the movie "Cars" and has a favorite already: Tow-Mater.  He cracks up laughing any time he of course he now has a few toy "maters" and other tow trucks and loves them.

He's very curious.  His favorite activity while mommy works is to put things in the (empty) trash can and then get them back out.  He'll also lay it flat and climb on top to stand like he's the king of the mountain.  This second skill is discouraged while on the hardwoods.  He also loves "hiding" toys in the drawers he's able to reach now.  He loves looking for things!

Love his ornery smirk.  He's definitely my child and pushes boundaries...but I love his determination and independence, even when he won't cuddle.

Above all else, I just love his sweet face.  I know I'm VERY biased, but I just think he's the cutest thing ever.  I am so proud to be his mommy.


  1. i love those big blue eyes!! he's a pumkin'!

  2. He is adorable, Katie! Haven has similar roll tan lines and I LOVE them :) it's cute for such a short period of time, so I embrace them!