Friday, June 17, 2011

Wipe Out

My brother, Jeremy, and I got the kids together for lunch at the Willow Bend mall a few months ago while Lindsay was out of town, and as we were walking out "Adrenalina" caught our eye.  Since he and Stephen have birthdays a month apart, I thought this would be the perfect gift for the both of them to do together.  We made our reservations last week, and it did not disapppoint. 

They started their "lesson" by boogie boarding, and quickly mastered the skill.  Once they started surfing, it took a few runs to get going, but they did great!

(The following pictures were through a window, while they were most are blurry)

They laughed the majority of the time, and the peanut gallery (below) thought it was the coolest thing ever!  

Lindsay and I, however, loved these moments:

Jeremy and Lindsay moved to Austin (tear!) on Thursday, so this was a fun way to send them off. 

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  1. Looks like a blast and it certainly made me smile today!