Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Water Baby: Adventures in Swim Lessons

Lorie and I decided to put the boys in a swim class this month.  We meet for class for 30 min right before lunch, so it's the perfect time of day.  Knox loves water.  He loves bath time, LOVES his water table and splashing, but so far has been mildly interested in swimming and HATES splash parks.  We're working on it!

At class, he tends to want to splash around with me but remain a bit lazy in the "kick" department.  Our first two classes we practiced pulling them and teaching them to kick their feet and dip their hands.  He likes to chew on his fingers and pull his legs in like a frog...which means I'm the one doing all of the work for the 30 min class. 

I don't mind, he's young.  Our main goal was to get him used the water, and I think he's got that down!

Loving me dragging him through the water all day

This is me kicking for him.  Notice he's just chilling and not doing anything on his own :)

After his first "submersion."  He smiled, then cried.

Practicing jumping in and then "swimming" back to the wall

Thinking about jumping

Pure concentration (or avoidance)

Love the curls coming in the back of his hair

We had to pause so mommy could steal a kiss!

All smiles after the jump!  That's his favorite part.  He grunts and points to the edge from the second we enter the pool.

Singing a song and doing hand movements

Lorie, Beck, Knox and I

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