Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm on a boat!

This past weekend we went to Austin to visit the family and see Jeremy and Lindsay's new digs.  We had a great weekend, and Knox loved getting to spend some time with his cousins!!

On Saturday afternoon, we all hit Gigi and Papi's pool, and unfortunately I was having so much fun I didn't take any pictures of the cousins swimming.  Jeremy and Lindsay headed home for the kids to nap, and we got the itch to get in the boat.  We quickly made plans to eat dinner at the Hula Hut, and we were going to go via Lake Austin.  I was so excited for Knox...but he was a bit skeptical.  I think it's due to the crowded/rough lake, so I'm not losing hope of him finding his lake-legs.

I'm on the hunt for a more comfortable life-jacket.  He hated having something so tight around his neck.

Love this picture.  I think at precisely this moment they were checking out the drunko's being crazy on the lake, or falling all over the shore.  The people watching is always spectacular!

Gigi held him the way there, making sure his back was to the wind.

Check out that hair...and those lips!

Once we got to the restaurant, he was in much better spirits.  It was 100+, and inside was about 90 degrees.  It was balmy...but he enjoyed playing with Papi to pass the time!

Loving the hat...

and kisses and holding the pager!

When we finished our dinner, we tried to get the kids to take a ride in the boat.  As you can see, Knox and Mackenzie were less-than-thrilled, but Conner wanted to be the Captain!

He loved "driving" the boat.


The ride home was just as rough as going, but this time he was super tired and "over it." I loved the snuggles, I won't lie!

Once home, we enjoyed another beautiful Austin sunset before retiring to the media room to watch a movie.  We were all exhausted! 

Before we headed back to Dallas, Papi took Knox outside to "get him tired."

They started by just kicking in the water and playing with the boat...

But we all know how those things end.  Stripped down to a lil' swimmer to enjoy it to the fullest!

He loves that fountain...and this is the face he makes when he's really working hard!

See, same face but surfing now!

We had a great time, and were sad to leave as always.  It's going to be so fun having Jeremy and Lindsay there every time we visit now!

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