Friday, June 10, 2011


I have been a Mavs fan since Kidd first played for us, way back in the days of Jackson, Popeye, McCloud, etc.  I'm not enough of a fan to pay the high $ tickets for the Finals, and am happy to watch on my own couch without dealing with Dallas traffic or the crowds.  But when Kelly called with a free ticket (and the husband out of town to enjoy it) I jumped on it without delay.

The game was amazing.  We had great seats, enjoyed the people around us and had a great time!  Kelly Clarkson sang the national anthem, and if you know me well you  know I love me some KC.  And to top it all off...we WON game 4.  And now we've won game 5 as well...let's take it in 6 boys!

I couldn't bring my bigger (and nicer) camera in the game, so these are with my 6-year-old point and shoot or with my phone.  Sorry for the quality.

The time is NOW!

I was a noWITZNESS!

Dirk draining another one!

LeBron having to wrap his big head around the fact he was getting dominated!

Thanks again for the invite, Kelly!  Pretty amazing!

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