Wednesday, April 25, 2012

CC Crushers

Knox is having a great birthday weekend.  Last night, he got to stay up a little later than usual and watch Daddy play softball.  The Canyon Creek Crushers are a group of dads in the 'hood, and Stephen loves getting out and playing...and I love chatting with the wives.  Knox, on the other hand, loves to run wild and free.

He first attacks the game bag and throws all of the balls out. 

Then just before we have to get onto him, he runs off. 

If he starts getting bored, we pull out the bag of tricks (bubbles, cars, trains and milk).

This night, though, he had a great time with his friends, and Daddy's team WON! 

Hate that it's blurry, but Claire got in on the congratulatory hugs!

And then she started tackling Stephen.

Which led to all of the kids tackling him.

The night ended with a tired, sweaty and sticky boy.  That's what summers are all about, right?

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