Tuesday, April 17, 2012

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Knox is almost two.  In fact, we only have 10 days left in his "ones." I have mixed emotions, some days I'm happy he's growing up and others I get teary thinking he's growing too quickly.  I never waver in how much I love this kid...he's so fun to be around.  He is a chatterbox, and will not stop talking and asking questions from the minute he wakes up to the minute he goes to sleep (remind you of someone?).  Lately, he's learned a lot of fun tricks, too.

1. He found the storage bag of wipes...and learned the are all connected like toilet paper, and loved pulling them out to make a string of wipes.  Clean up was fun.

2.  He loves going to the park.  Everything there can and will be used as a bar to hang off of.  This is especially tricky when there's a slide underneath.  If he falls, he falls for a long time!

3.  He learned that Gracie does NOT want to kiss T-Rex.

4.  He also learned that smelling highlighters and Sharpies WILL make a mark.  Clean up wasn't fun.

5.  He loves acting like a big boy at his new art table.  We've only had one misuse, and that was climbing on top to see if he could touch a lizard on the window.  After my reaction, I don't think he'll do it again any time soon.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather.  Think we'll go to the park now!

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