Monday, April 2, 2012

Houston Weekend

I've got quite a bit of blog catch-up to do.  The past week has been a complete whirlwind.  We started the adventure in Houston, then Stephen went out of town for work, so Knox and I headed to Austin for a little "Spring Break." We all met back home for Stephen's 30th on Thursday, then Stephen and I spent the weekend celebrating, including a trip to Ft. Worth with friends.  It's been crazy, and we had SO much fun. 

But back to Houston.  Stephen, Kelly, Knox and I drove up to Katy on Friday afternoon.  We arrived just in time to see the Baylor Men's BB seal their trip to the elite 8.  Once Knox had eaten dinner, we cooked our steaks and enjoyed eating them in a quiet and stress-free setting.  

The next morning we had a big breakfast, and Knox enjoyed cleaning the table.  He's become quite the helper, as long as he's in the mood.  Later, he helped Papa clean mommy's car.  I'm blessed with a father-in-law who takes pride in  my car, even when I don't (ha).  He washes my car every time we're in Houston.  It's a blessing, and Knox loved getting to tag-along!

The highlight of the trip was dinner and dancing at City Center.  We do it every time we are there, and we have to peel Knox off the dance floor every time as well.

When we arrived, we thought we might not be able to stay.  The local gym, Lifetime Fitness, had a 2-hour spin class in the middle of the lawn.  100+ stationary bikes took up the place where Knox loves to dance and play.  Fortunately they were on the last few minutes, and after a half-hour clean up, all was right with the world again.

He was worried he wouldn't be able to play.  

I mean SERIOUS bikes.  The upside was the work out music they were playing on gigantic speakers got Knox in the groove.

We danced a little jig and then headed to dinner.  We always go to the Yard House.  Cold beers, great food and open patio.  Yes, please.  

Afterwards, we tired Knox out with dancing and soccer.  He loves watching all of the big kids play, and ran up to every girl and said "Hi." Such a flirt.

Mimi and Papa always walk him over to the water fall to play.  He loves it.

He loves to "fly" and Aunt Kelly taught him to put his hands out like Superman.  He insisted they do this a few times.

When you ask him how old he is, he says "TWO!" while holding his fingers out just like that.  Melts my heart.

After playing until well after 8:00, we headed home for bath and bed.  It's no surprise that he slept like a baby.  We waited around on Sunday to watch Baylor take on Kansas.  We left 10-min into the first half.  It was ugly.  We had a blast in Katy, though, and can't wait to go back!

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