Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"I wanna eat CAKE!"

Knox knew his Gigi and Papi were coming to have dinner with us, to celebrate his birthday with us while they were in town.  All he could think about was cake.  He mentioned it about 8 times before nap, and the first thing he said when I went to get him from his nap was, "I wanna eat CAKE."  He was so excited.

The minute they got here he ran out to see them, and didn't leave their sides until they left.  It was sweet.  We made his favorite meal, chicken tenders, macaroni and cheese and gravy.  And Ketchup.  

But the real excitement came in the cake.  Can't deny this boy cake after he had been asking for it all day!

Who knew he could blow his own candles out?  He's a big kid.  Sad.

I had gone to Target last minute, and didn't want to spend a fortune on a huge cake.  So I grabbed the smallest one and asked if she could put anything "Cars" on it.  Well, she found these two toy cars, didn't charge me for them, and they were an instant hit.  Like go-to-bed-with-me-please kind of hit!  And he's still playing with them today.

But at least today he doesn't have blue icing all over his face.

After the meal and cake, he opened some of his presents from G & P.  Gracie decided this was the prime-time to get whatever was left on his placemat. 

He loved opening the presents, and really loved the surprise car in with all of his new clothes!

I'd say day one of birthday week went great!

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