Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The adventures of Knox and Dean

We love the Feiglesons, and I love how cute the boys are together.  Dean loves water, and Knox loves copying Dean.  They came over while we were in Houston, and we decided to eat outside.  The Dotsons have a pool...you can guess what happened next!

Here's the closest we got to a picture of them together, posing:

Dean loved putting his hands in the fountains.  Knox tried to copy, with the assistance of Mimi.

Dean got a bit wet playing in the fountains, so it was easier to take his shorts off so he would have dry clothes in the car.  Is he not a DOLL??

Knox loved watching Dean get his legs in the water.  I think he was a little jealous.

Dean got a bit brave.  Need I remind you all that the water was FREEZING?  I had to catch my breath when I stepped in.  I have no idea how these dudes did it...

Knox applauds Deans shenanigans.

At this point, Dean was soaked...so he got a little nakey!  Knox couldn't stay away, either, so they decide to play in the fountains together. 

And then we moved to the steps.  Too much fun!!

And just like that it was over.  Can't wait for our next playdate :)

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  1. O. My. Word. I'm saving these pics for SURE! They are so stinkin' cute!!
    These will come in handy when they start to bring girls home to meet the family! ;)