Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Great-great-Aunt Arjorie

We went to see my grandmother (she's actualy my great aunt, but it's easier to say grandma) Arjorie for dinner Sunday.  She loves Mexican food, enchiladas to be exact, and we love the ability to take her out to eat.  She'll be 92 this year, and I cherish the pictures of she and Knox, her great-great nephew.  He loved sifting through her things...she was very patient :)

Love this picture of them.

There's that ornery smirk.  He's such a munchkin.

She had some boxes set aside for a garage sale.  You can bet he was in them the second we put him down.

She gave him a gift card container, and he didn't put it down.

She cleared off her coffee table, and he proceeded to bang his new toy all over it.  She was patient, I tell you!

We love you, Arj!

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