Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Houston Zoo

Last weekend we went down to Houston to visit Stephen's parents and attend a fun wedding shower for our friend Becca.  Since I forgot to bring my camera, you can see some of the pictures here

While we were there, we decided to hit up the Houston Zoo.  It was the perfect day in Houston (read: NO humidity) so we took full advantage.  Knox is probably still a little young to really enjoy the zoo, but he had a great time!

He loved seeing "Sophie."

The monkeys are always moms favorite stop.  And he loves the "sounds" they make in his book.

Knox always enjoys a good shoulder ride.  And Papa was happy to oblige!

They had a petting zoo opened, which was kind of a buzz kill because it was just goats.  He wasn't impressed...

and the goat wasn't either!

We were walking to the seal exhibit when we saw the world's "Largest Rodent."  Yummy.  The rodent loved Knox's shoes...and the poor kid in the background got a little jealous.

Sweet pic of Knox and Papa.

Hands down his favorite exhibit.  He cheered, screamed and clapped the whole time.

Cute pic of him staring at the otters.  My family will get a kick out of this!

By far his most FAVORITE moment:  The tunnel in the fish exhibit.

He loved the ability to crawl amongst the fish.

The picture is taken through plexiglass and water, hence the clarity!

Sweet boy!  Thanks, Dotsons, for such a fun day! Can't wait to go back once he's a bit older.  Watch out goats!

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