Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Knox's 1st Birthday Celebration: The Details

This weekend we celebrated Knox's first year of life.  His actual birthday isn't until Wednesday, so stay tuned for his picture chair shot. 

I wanted to do an airplane theme, and since he really can't have a say in it, I ran with it (and Stephen would say ran too far...but it's just semantics).  I made my first stop Etsy, and it ended up being my last stop.  Jennifer, with Nounces, made my brainstorming a reality.  She was amazing start to finish, and provided TOP quality birthday goods and ideas that made his party one that we'll remember forever.  Thanks, Jennifer!

Here are the invitations:  Boarding passes.  Cute, huh?  Click on each picture to enlarge.

As the guests entered, I had a sign greeting them.  Balloons were tied to this awesome
ride-on airplane (borrowed from CG, thanks!!).

I painted this door sign as guests entered as well.

The "baggage claim" was set by the door so guests could grab their "bags" as they left.
In addition, each child received their "wings" (my mom had pilot stickers made) as they came in.

The stickers were adorable: "Thanks for flying with us."

His banner hung over the dining room/living room awning.

The "food court" was anchored with this vintage luggage piece (another borrowed item from sweet CG).  I wrapped napkins in ribbon
and added his luggage tag for effect. 

We served turkey and ham wraps with chips and fruit for the adults, and Chick-fil-A nuggets,
fruit and goldfish for the kiddos.

Each "to-go" container was labeled.

Water bottles also had a personal message.

The dessert table had sugar cookes, cupcakes and Knox's smash cake.

My mom and I made the marbled cupcakes, and she and her friend made the fondant
planes.  I loved them!

I used Crayola modeling foam to make the plane, then painted it with acrylic.
I made the two-tiered smash cake and then added fondant clouds.

We had signs throughout the house, such as Lavatory, Beverage Cart (we served mimosas
and beer for the adults, as well as sodas, water and blue lemonade for the kiddos),
Baggage Claim and Food Court.

Using foam board, I made a plane with the head of the pilot missing, so 
each kid could take a picture as a pilot before leaving (and I can send
those pictures along with their thank you notes). I'll post the pictures
of the kids later, but here's one Stephen making sure it worked.

The adults had small goodie bags filled with yummy treats. 

And the kids goodie bags contained aviators, coloring books with airplane-shaped crayons,
an airplane-shaped bean bag (made by my mom) and a foam airplane with decorative

And, as guests exited the party, they had a farewell message:

I had so much fun planning this event, and am sad it's over already. 
I just love that boy, and am so glad he's ours!


  1. You did SUCH a great job!! Loved the theme, and it all came together perfectly!

  2. That's awesome!!! You did a fantastic job!! Happy Birthday Knox :)

  3. FREAKIN' AWESOME! I so wish we could have been there. :( Hope that big boy got everything he wanted and more for his b'day! xoxo

  4. Katie (& Stephen)
    What a great party!! I am so impressed with
    all of your handmade items! It is all
    adorable....Happy 1st Birthday to Knox!
    (I have a little something for him when I see
    you all)(I forgot to send with GD)

  5. This party is so cute Katie! You did a great job! Happy Birthday Knox.

  6. I'm totally hiring your for Haven's second! You are so creative! Can't wait to see pics of sweet Knox digging into his cake :)

  7. Can't believe he is 1! Happy Birthday Knoxer!

  8. ok seriously, you could do this for a living. . . Knox's party looks AMAZING! :-)