Friday, April 8, 2011


Lindsay is out of town, so Jeremy is alone with the kids for a few days.  He was going to be in my neck 'o the woods, and asked if I wanted to meet he and the kids for lunch.  Knox and I love playdates, so we were pretty excited to meet up!

We met at the food court, and made our way to the kids play area first.  Unfortunately, Mackenzie spotted the Easter Bunny (the stuffed kind...for photo ops) and almost lost it for the afternoon.  Sweet Kiki is terrified (to put it mildly) of any stuffed human, and I can't blame her.  They look so freaky.  We tried to keep her calm and let her know that under no circumstances would we get close to him, but he was in the forefront of her mind the entire time we were at the mall.  She stuck close to Jeremy, and would say things like "We're not going to see the bunny, right?" and "Bunny is going to his home, right?"  It was sad.

The boys...unaffected.

Sweet Conner

They had a few conversations, but this one seemed intense.

She warmed up after a little while and gave Knox a hug.  I so wish they were looking at me in this picture.

Like always he spent the majority of his time staring at the big kids.

The next progression cracks me's like Knox knew to help him up (or wanted to head butt his rear end).

Like this post, Knox loved the tunnel.

He hit a wall...but juice helped!

Thanks for thinking of us, Jeremy!  We had a great time!

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