Friday, April 1, 2011


Seriously!?!  Those hydrangeas make me so happy!  The Dallas Arboretum is so gorgeous in the Spring.  Well, it's always gorgeous, but Spring is the only time you can walk through it and not sweat to death. 

Our playgroup decided to hit it up yesterday, and Amanda's friend Kelli came to take professional pictures of the kiddos.  She is SO patient.  7 babies in 2 hours.  I'm sure she has a billion pictures to sort through and edit, but I can't wait to see her great work!!

While we waited, I snapped a few of Knox.  He looked so cute in his "Spring" attire.

And late last night Kelli posted a sneak peek:

Oh. My. Word.  He's such a little nugget.  Can't wait to see the rest!!!


  1. HELLO precious model baby!!! and hydrangeas!?!? they look like cotton balls!!! L-O-V-E.

  2. What a doll he is!!! Love that last one! :)

  3. We are thinking about going Monday and this pretty much confirmed that it is a GREAT idea!